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   Existing EIS Coverages

EIS is authorized to write insurance, reinsurance and coinsurance of all kinds whether the same will be risk bearing or fully funded.  EIS can provide programs customized to meet the specific needs of EIM Members.

Glossary of existing EIS coverages:

  • All Risk Property Policies
  • All Risk Power Producer Operational Policies
  • All Risk Policy for Railroad Rolling Stock
  • Aggregate of Excess of Loss Reinsurance Policies
  • Automobile Policies
  • Builder's Risk Policies
  • Contractor Equipment Floater Policy
  • Deductible Buy-Back Policy
  • Environmental Policies
  • Excess Liability Policies
  • Excess Worker's Compensations Policy
  • First Excess Nuclear Property Policy
  • First Excess Casualty Insurance Policy
  • Following Form Excess General Liability Indemnity Policy
  • Hull and Machinery Policy
  • Loss Portfolio Transfer of Workers Compensation Claims Policy
  • Marine Liability Policy
  • Professional Liabaility Policy
  • Public Liability Deductible Reimbursement Policy
  • Retiree Medical Group Stop Loss Policies  TOHI Product Overview
  • Specific Risk Liability Policies
  • Transmission and Distribution Policies
  • TRIPRA (Terrorism) Wrap Coverage 
  • Ultimate Net Loss Policy

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