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   Mutual Business Programs

Any EIM Member or group of Members, with the approval of EIS, may form a Mutual Business Program (MBP).

Because EIS is a South Carolina sponsored captive insurance company, the losses attributed to a particular MBP may only be paid from the assets attributed to that MBP.
Each MBP must provide sufficient surplus to meet the minimum specific requirements of its Program.  The surplus can be in various forms as authorized by South Carolina insurance regulations and EIS.

Any EIM Member or group of Members wanting to form an MBP must submit a brief proposal for thier program to EIS.  EIS will review the proposal and advise the Member(s).  Once the MBP is approved, EIS will work with the EIM Member(s) to setup the MBP.

Investment of Assets
EIS will invest the assets of each MBP for the specific account of each MBP in consultation with the Member's Program Advisory Committee.

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